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ChoosE Your next 
Adventure in 
90 Minutes Flat (And GO ConfidentlY in the Direction of Your Dreams)

i offer consulting sessions designed to combine and customize your existing options to craft a new one that meets as many of your wants and needs as possible

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Wtf am i gonna do now?

MOST PEOPLE STRUGGLE TO... • view their situation objectively • orient themselves within it • carefully consider all of their options • whittle them down to a manageable number to choose from • combine elements of those options to craft one that meets most of their needs ​ TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE, WHEN YOU HESITATE TO CHOOSE... • you start to overthink and underact • your savings account gets smaller and your worries get bigger • you miss out on practical lessons and serendipitous opportunities • you increase the odds that you will have to go back to a job you don't want whether you are trying to decide on a new career path, begin a new creative endeavor, or start a new business venture, i can (most likely) show you the way (or point you towards someone who can)! i charge $250 for a 90-minute session — pre-call research and post-call packet included. if, however, you are unable to pay or unsure of how helpful i can be, i do have a pay-what-you-want option, and you are more than welcome to use it, before or after our call.


SINCE I STARTED CONSULTING LAST YEAR, I HAVE HELPED... • a graphic designer start a side hustle selling hot sauce which turned a $520 profit within its first week • a first-time entrepreneur crowdfund $2,200 so that she could buy back some of her time and focus on building her business • a school teacher figure out how she might work for herself so that she could have more flexibility in raising her three kids • a neurologist brainstorm new strategies and tactics to bring his integrity-themed vision board to life • a software developer start building an m.v.p. of his flex-scheduling app in public


PART I: GETTING YOUR BEARINGS tell me a bit about your current situation, and i will do my best to point you in the right direction. maybe one of my twitter friends would be better suited for the job actually. maybe you’re not ready for a consulting session yet. maybe i can direct you to some free resources to explore instead. who knows! if i am able to help you, though, then i will probably recommend that you start by creating your character. PART II: CREATING YOUR CHARACTER it is impossible for me to help you figure out precisely where you want to go without first knowing a bit more about who you are. and it is impossible for you to know who you are without first knowing a bit more about where you’ve been, where you are right now, and where you *might* want to go in the future. to better articulate all of these things, you can download my free “create your character” workbook (which you can find by clicking the “other stuff i’ve made” link down below). confident you won’t need it? we can skip this step, schedule our call, and begin mapping your territory. PART III: MAPPING YOUR TERRITORY once on the call, i will ask you a shitload of questions to learn every relevant thing i possibly can about you and your current situation. i want to know which mountain you plan to climb, how high it is, how much experience you have, what your strengths and weaknesses are, what equipment you have on hand, what obstacles stand in your way, what you currently struggle with, etc, etc. collecting, analyzing, and organizing this information will help us to create a shared mental map that we can then use to craft your path. PART IV: CRAFTING YOUR PATH this is where things get really interesting. if "mapping your territory" is all about collecting, analyzing, and organizing information, then "crafting your path" is all about synthesizing it. first, we will eliminate all but seven of your potential paths forward. from there, we will combine various elements of those paths to craft a new one that seems the most likely to be fun, effective, adaptable, and sustainable for you in the long run. but wait! we’re still not quite done just yet. we still have to come up with seven creative constraints to guide you along your chosen path after we part ways. PART V: REVIEWING YOUR REPORT this, my friend, is where our consulting session ends. like all good guides, though, i cannot, in good conscience, let you embark on your new adventure empty handed. after our call, i will send you a file containing a recording and a transcript of our call, a list of highlights from our conversation, and a personalized plan detailing your options, your path, and your constraints. for the best results and the biggest return on your investment, periodically review and update your file as you move forward so that it can evolve as you do. and, if you ever evolve so much that you're in need another session, then you know where to find me!


if you Still have questions, comments, or concerns, you can DM me on twitter or book a 15-minute discovery call to learn more ↯

"i believed trace could tell me what to do, and where to start, but he helped me realize that i already knew the way forward, i was just struggling with confidence. now that i'm throwing myself into my side hustle and my career, i see the value in customizing the rest of my life to fit me, my schedule, and the future i'm building for myself. to anyone on the fence about this, i'd say make like nike and 'just do it.' you won't find anyone else as good at peeling back the layers until your vision is revealed to you. he's experienced, forthright, and incredibly good at his job."


thanks for reading !


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