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A Workbook to Help You Communicate Who You Were,

Who You Are, and Who You Want to Be

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-george bernard shaw

when i first heard this quote, i had so many questions.

how does one go about creating themselves? is there a right and wrong way to do it? who can steer me in the right direction?

first, i went to my college career counselors, who essentially said, “this personality test will give you a list of ten careers that align with your personality.”


“sounds great!" i replied. "what’s next?”


“that’s it.”



i felt so betrayed! there were no in-depth discussions. no reverse engineering situations. no strategic planning sessions. nothing!

is that really it? i wondered. it can’t be! they barely did anything at all! if my career counselor can’t help me, then who can? did everyone else have a similar experience, or do i just need to get a new counselor?

but it wasn’t just me! almost everyone i talked to back then had had a similar experience. and the reality of my situation slowly sunk in. nobody was coming to save me. i would have to solve this problem for myself. but how?

i had no clue where to begin, and, as a result, i made every mistake in the book.

studying the wrong subjects in school forced me even further into debt... talking to spiritual advisors forced me into dogmatic thinking patterns... following self-help gurus forced me to sift through a bunch of unnecessary bullshit...


after everything i went through, i realized three important things:
1. Creating Your Character shouldn't be so difficult, expensive, or painful
2. everyone should have access to experts dedicated to solving this problem
3. i could be one of those experts


eventually, i just said "screw it" and wrote the book i couldn't find but always needed to read.

whether you dream of following a well-worn path or taking the road less traveled, i want to help you Create Your Character — without the debt, dogma, and bullshit.


this step-by-step guide will teach you:
• how your past can better inform your present
• how to accurately gauge where you currently are today
• how to articulate what you want for your future


forget “finding” your self; Create Your Character instead!

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